Lucrative Seasonal Jobs – 12 Opportunities at $15+ per Hour


Seasonal jobs provide a fantastic opportunity for individuals seeking temporary employment to earn extra income, gain valuable experience, or explore new industries. While some seasonal positions are notorious for their low wages, there are numerous opportunities available that offer attractive compensation. In this article, we will explore 12 seasonal jobs that are currently hiring at $15 per hour or more, providing individuals with the chance to make a significant income during their temporary employment.

Retail Sales Associate

During holiday seasons or special sales events, retail stores often hire additional staff to accommodate the influx of customers. Retail sales associate positions not only offer a competitive hourly wage but also provide the chance to develop essential customer service and sales skills.

Warehouse Worker

E-commerce has experienced tremendous growth, leading to an increased demand for warehouse workers. These positions involve tasks such as packaging, sorting, and shipping goods. Many warehouses offer hourly rates of $15 or more and provide flexible shifts to accommodate different schedules.

Delivery Driver

With the rise of online shopping, the demand for delivery drivers has soared. Companies like Amazon, FedEx, and UPS are frequently hiring drivers to ensure efficient package delivery. These positions often offer competitive hourly wages, along with the potential for tips or bonuses.

Event Staff

Concerts, festivals, and sporting events require a significant number of staff members to handle various tasks, including ticketing, crowd control, and event setup. Event staff positions provide an opportunity to work in a lively environment and often offer hourly rates higher than the minimum wage.

Ski Resort Staff

During the winter season, ski resorts hire a diverse range of employees, including ski instructors, lift operators, and equipment rental staff. These positions not only offer a chance to enjoy winter sports but also provide competitive hourly wages, as well as perks such as free or discounted access to the slopes.

Tax Preparer

Tax season is a busy time for accountants and tax preparers. Many accounting firms and tax service companies hire temporary tax preparers to assist with the increased workload. These positions often require some prior tax knowledge or training but offer hourly rates above $15, making them an attractive option for those with a background in finance.

Gardener or Landscaper

As the weather improves, the demand for gardeners and landscapers increases. Working as a gardener or landscaper offers the opportunity to work outdoors and engage in physical activity. Many landscaping companies hire temporary workers during the busy seasons and offer competitive hourly wages.

Summer Camp Counselor

Summer camps provide a memorable experience for children, and they often require additional staff members to ensure the safety and enjoyment of campers. Being a summer camp counselor allows individuals to work with children and participate in various activities. Many summer camps provide room and board in addition to competitive hourly wages.

Tour Guide

Tourism is a thriving industry, and many popular destinations hire seasonal tour guides to accommodate the influx of visitors. These positions offer an opportunity to showcase local attractions, share knowledge, and interact with people from diverse backgrounds. Hourly rates for tour guides can vary but often exceed $15 per hour.


As swimming pools and beaches become popular summer destinations, the demand for lifeguards increases. Lifeguard positions not only offer competitive hourly wages but also provide an opportunity to ensure the safety of swimmers and develop valuable skills in first aid and rescue techniques.

Amusement Park Staff

Amusement parks are a hub of activity during the summer months, requiring a large number of staff members to operate rides, handle admissions, and maintain the park’s cleanliness. Many amusement parks offer hourly rates above $15 and provide additional benefits such as free park admission for employees and their families.

Farm Worker

During harvest seasons, farms often require additional workers to assist with crop picking and other agricultural tasks. Farm worker positions offer a chance to work outdoors and gain firsthand experience in the farming industry. While wages can vary depending on location and crop, many farms provide hourly rates at or above $15.

Apply for Seasonal Jobs that Offer $15 or More

Seasonal jobs not only offer individuals a chance to earn extra income but also provide valuable skills and experiences. The 12 seasonal jobs mentioned in this article, all offering $15 per hour or more, cover a wide range of industries and interests. Whether you enjoy working with people, being outdoors, or developing specific skills, these positions can be a gateway to new opportunities. Take advantage of the seasonal job market and seize the chance to earn a competitive wage while exploring exciting temporary employment options.