Ways to Get Paid to Watch Netflix – Watch, Chill & Earn Money

Get Paid to Watch Netflix

Can I get paid to watch Netflix? Yes, it’s possible by being one of the Netflix Taggers and other legit ways stated in this article.

Families no longer meet around a single TV screen to watch all their favorite shows simultaneously. Back then, the marketing and advertising statements you heard were less direct and more subtle. However, in today’s digital age, you can harness the power of marketing to your advantage and get paid to watch Netflix and indulge in your preferred movies or TV shows through streaming services.

Imagine binge-watching to your heart’s content while earning money simultaneously. It’s an exciting prospect that takes advantage of the modern era of entertainment. Participating in specific marketing programs can turn your leisure time into a rewarding experience. So why not make the most of your streaming sessions and explore how to get paid to watch Netflix while enjoying the movies and TV shows you love? Then, check out these fantastic ways to be paid to watch Netflix.

What is Netflix Tagger?

Have you ever wondered how Netflix manages to curate such a vast library of shows and movies that cater to your specific preferences? One of the key players behind this impressive feat is the Netflix tagger. So, what is a Netflix Tagger? These individuals are tasked with watching programs on Netflix and meticulously labeling or “tagging” them with specific keywords. These tags are the building blocks for unique sub-categories like “Award-winning visually striking auteur cinema” or “Dramas based on contemporary literature.” By assigning these tags, Netflix taggers are crucial in helping viewers find precisely what they’re looking for. It’s no wonder Netflix excels at capturing and maintaining your attention. 

Netflix taggers are a big reason it is the most popular streaming service. Their hard work ensures the site gives viewers a unique and exciting viewing experience that fits their tastes and preferences.

How to Become One of the Netflix Taggers?

If you think being one of the Netflix Taggers is easy, think twice. But, to get paid to watch Netflix, you must look into the qualifications to become a Netflix Tagger. 

While Netflix does not explicitly provide a comprehensive list of qualifications for becoming a Netflix tagger, it is reasonable to assume that merely having a Netflix account is not the sole requirement. You may have the right skills if you have worked in the film or entertainment business or studied film studies or a related field in college.

The official Netflix website is the only place to find Netflix tagger job postings. You must remain vigilant if you aspire to work as a Netflix tagger. Make sure to add the Netflix careers website to your bookmarks and check it at least once a week to see if any tagger roles open up. 

Due to how popular these jobs are, Netflix may get a lot of applications. So, it’s crucial to have an up-to-date resume ready and be ready to send it right away. Make sure, to tell the truth about your experience and not exaggerate while putting your skills and knowledge in the best light.

Additional Ways to Get Paid to Watch Netflix or Other Videos

If you are not enough to be one of the Netflix Taggers, then consider continuing your journey to other ways to paid to watch Netflix and other videos. Here are some additional ways to get paid to watch Netflix and other related videos:

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a popular online site that allows users to make money by doing many different things, like watching videos. Imagine letting the videos play on your phone while you watch your favorite Netflix shows on your TV. Swagbucks will give you valuable points as you watch these movies. 

Once you have enough points, you can trade them for gift cards to Amazon, Target, and other well-known stores. If you’d rather have the money sent straight to your PayPal account, you can ask for a direct refund. With Swagbucks, you can easily earn prizes while enjoying online entertainment. Why not use this fun tool and start making money right away? Sign up for a free account, and discover ways how to earn.

2.  Blackout Bingo

If you don’t get picked as a Netflix Tagger, you can still get paid to watch Netflix by playing Blackout Bingo. Find out about the world of Blackout Bingo, a real-money bingo game with a good reputation that rewards players for being good at winning. 

The exciting part is that you can get paid if you play Blackout Bingo on your phone while watching Netflix. This app stands out because of its clever matching system, which pairs people based on how good they are. You and another partner will use the same board and call out the same numbers. During the intense two-minute round, the player with the fastest reactions, most accurate shots, and best strategic skills will win the most points and the cash prize.

3. Kashkick

Do you wish to get paid to watch Netflix? Introducing Kashkick, a rising platform that rewards its members for watching commercials, ads, and video clips from their smartphones or laptops. The best part? You can easily incorporate this activity into your Netflix viewing experience. Imagine muting and playing the ads in the background as you indulge in your favorite show. It’s the perfect way to multitask and earn cash while doing what you love. 

To embark on this exciting opportunity, you must sign up for a free Kashkick account and dive into the world of video watching. For each video you watch, you’ll earn cash that can be conveniently cashed out through PayPal. The minimum withdrawal requirement is $10, and you can start accumulating cash immediately by completing simple activities within the app.

4. InboxDollars

Unlock the incredible opportunity to earn money while enjoying your Netflix binge sessions through your free InboxDollars account. Members of this innovative site can get paid for doing different things, like watching videos. Even if the selected videos may not capture your interest, you can simply let your phone play them in the background for hours while you delight in your favorite Netflix shows on the TV.

Here’s how it works: Sites like InboxDollars receive compensation from the companies behind the video content you’re watching and, in turn, share a portion of those earnings with you. So, watch as many videos as you desire while immersing yourself in the world of Netflix. As you enjoy your favorite shows, your InboxDollars account will steadily accumulate earnings in parallel.

5. Viggle

Enter the world of Viggle, an app specially crafted to assist TV networks and brands in connecting effectively with their desired audience. How does it work? Well, that’s where you come in and the opportunity for you to contribute to valuable market research.

By granting Viggle permission to track your Netflix sessions, you can earn points that can be redeemed for enticing rewards and gift cards. Every minute immersed in your Netflix binge-watching sessions earns you a valuable point. It’s as simple as that!

Become active in shaping the future of television and entertainment by partnering with Viggle. Allow your Netflix sessions to bring you joy and earn you valuable points that can unlock a world of rewards. So, start earning points for every minute spent indulging in your favorite shows on Netflix.

Find the Best Way to Get Paid to Watch Netflix & Other Videos

If becoming a Netflix tagger isn’t in the cards for you, fret not! There are still opportunities to land a gig that involves watching videos and earning money. Platforms like Swagbucks offer a convenient way of video watching, which is often simpler than tasks such as filling out surveys or participating in mystery shopping.

While it’s important to note that making money solely from watching videos may not be sufficient to replace a full-time job, it can be a rewarding supplement to your 9-to-5 gig. Consider it an effortless way to boost your income during your spare time. So, if you find yourself juggling a demanding day job and craving an additional source of earnings, exploring a TV watcher job could be the perfect solution.

Take charge of your free time and transform it into a rewarding opportunity to earn extra cash. Embrace the world of video watching and balance work and leisure while bolstering your income. With the right mindset and a desire to make the most of your spare time, a TV watcher job could be the ideal fit for your lifestyle.