Where Can I Sell a Bridesmaid Dress? Perfect Platforms to Boost Sales

sell bridesmaid dress

If you find yourself growing weary of gazing at the bridesmaid dresses languishing in the depths of your closet, it might be time to devise a new plan and consider what to do with them. While you could brainstorm ideas on how to repurpose them for future events or virtual weddings, have you ever considered transforming those neglected dresses into cold, hard cash? 

If the idea of selling your old bridesmaid dresses and converting those layers of chiffon and polyester into money piques your interest, you’re in luck. In this article, we will explore 7 sites to help you sell your old bridesmaid dresses online and unlock their hidden value. So, let’s delve into the world of turning dresses into cash and discover how to breathe new life into these forgotten fashion pieces.


1. OnceWed

OnceWed is an excellent platform to sell old bridesmaid dresses due to its popularity, attractive earnings potential, and cost-effective listing fees. Sellers can earn up to 90% of the retail value of their dresses, with a low $5 listing fee and no commission fees upon sale. The site offers a wide range of potential buyers actively seeking used wedding and bridesmaid dresses, making it a lucrative option to recoup a significant portion of the dress’s retail value.


2. Etsy

Etsy is a great platform to sell old bridesmaid dresses due to its popularity and reputation as a go-to destination for bridalwear. With a large customer base actively seeking wedding items, listing your used bridesmaid dress on Etsy increases the chances of finding interested buyers. While there are listing and transaction fees involved, the potential earnings vary depending on the value of the dress, making it difficult to provide specific figures. However, the broad market and diverse range of bridesmaid dresses available on Etsy make it a promising platform for selling your dress.


3. Poshmark

Poshmark is a highly recommended platform for selling old bridesmaid dresses due to its online consignment store model and potential earnings. With the ability to sell used clothing, including wedding attire like bridesmaid dresses, Poshmark offers a wide audience of potential buyers. The platform’s heavily discounted items, with discounts ranging from 15% to 80%, allow sellers to still achieve good value for their dresses. While Poshmark charges commission fees, sellers can expect to earn anywhere from 20% to 85% of the dress’s retail value, making it a lucrative option for selling bridesmaid dresses.


4. Preowned Wedding Dresses

Preowned Wedding Dresses is an excellent platform to sell old bridesmaid dresses due to its popularity and straightforward selling process. With a low $5 listing fee and no commission fees, sellers can keep all the earnings from their dress sales. While the site doesn’t explicitly state the potential earnings for bridesmaid dresses, a browse through the listings reveals that dresses are often sold for discounts ranging from 10% to 50% off retail value, with some reaching even higher discounts. This indicates the possibility of earning up to 90% of the dress’s original retail value, making Preowned Wedding Dresses an attractive option for selling bridesmaid dresses.


5. Borrowing Magnolia

Borrowing Magnolia is a highly recommended platform for selling bridesmaid dresses due to its specialization in wedding attire resale. The site offers a straightforward fee structure, allowing sellers to choose between a standard listing for $25 or a premium listing for $35, which includes additional photos and a category feature. 


Importantly, Borrowing Magnolia does not charge any commission fees, providing sellers with the opportunity to keep all the proceeds from their dress sales. With its dedicated focus on wedding attire and reasonable listing fees, Borrowing Magnolia presents a valuable platform for selling bridesmaid dresses.


6. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a convenient and cost-effective option for selling used bridesmaid dresses. With no listing fees and temporary waiver of selling fees for shipped items until June 30, 2023, it provides a budget-friendly platform for sellers. However, it’s important to note that listing on Facebook Marketplace means that your friends, including the friend whose wedding you attended, may see your listing. Therefore, it’s worth considering the potential visibility among your social network when selling on this platform.


7. Sell My Wedding Dress

Sell My Wedding Dress is a cost-effective platform for selling bridesmaid dresses. The site offers a free basic listing option, allowing sellers to create up to 10 active ads with 10 photos. For enhanced visibility, sellers have the option to pay for upgrades such as featured listings, better placement, or bolding, which come at additional but reasonable costs. While the website may not have an extravagant interface, it provides a practical solution for selling bridesmaid dresses that are otherwise gathering dust in the closet.


Resell Bridesmaid Dresses, Make Room for New Ones

Selling old bridesmaid dresses not only helps you declutter and make room in your closet but also offers several advantages for your future endeavors. By parting ways with these dresses, you open up the opportunity to make some extra cash, which can be put towards purchasing new dresses or other items that align with your current style and preferences. 

Moreover, selling old bridesmaid dresses allows someone else to find joy and purpose in wearing them, giving these dresses a second life and reducing waste. So, consider selling your old bridesmaid dresses and embrace the exciting prospect of creating space for new ones while enjoying the benefits of financial gain and sustainability.